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Clean Eating Challenge November 4 -November 30, 2013

We all eat processed foods in one form or another. And in our society it is easy to indulge in foods/beverages that make us feel good temporarily. Eating healthy or clean or Paleo or Zone or whatever path you choose, will prove to be just as challenging as chasing a PR for Fran. The 30 day Clean Eating Challenge will help us come together as a community, support one another and take the next step in our health and fitness evolution. This challenge will focus on clean eating through the Paleo Diet, The Zone Diet, a combination of both or simply CrossFit’s basic diet of garden vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar.

This Challenge is not about weight loss, although most of you will likely lose weight. It’s about improving how you look, feel, and perform. Your body composition will change, and you will see an improvement in your performance. You will become stronger, have more endurance, and enjoy more energy in general. Your overall mood and sense of well-being will improve.

We hope that through participating in this challenge you walk away with the tools and knowledge and desire to create a permanent lifestyle change just as CrossFit has done for you. Success can be as simple as cutting out or back on processed foods and sugars. Becoming more aware of how foods are prepared? Is it processed? Is it removed from its natural state?

How It Works

This is a performance and nutrition challenge. It is not about eating less and losing the most weight. Points and prizes will be awarded on the following criteria:

  • Total points from Nutritional/Activity log

  • Benchmark WOD – performance / improvement

  • Greatest % change in body composition based on photo’s

There will be one winner from each category above. There are a variety of ways to earn points throughout the competition. Obviously getting your WOD on 3 – 5 days per week will increase performance and both will result in body composition changes. You will keep track of your points in your Nutritional/Activity log (excel sheet) which will be submitted each week.

Give yourself 1 point each day for:

  • 5 or more servings of veggies

  • WOD – max 5 per week

  • Pure Water – 1/2 your body wt in oz

  • Sleep 7 – 8 hours

  • No processed foods

  • Mobility – 15 min per day

  • Buddy/Partner Check in

  • Bonus Points (check blog daily

  • for Bonus Point opportunities)

  • No alcohol

Challenge Standards

  • Competitors must complete the baseline WOD’s by November 8, 2013

  • Photo’s must be taken by November 8, 2013 (see schedule below)

  • Retest performance benchmarks by November 30, 2013

  • After photo’s must be taken by November 30, 2013

  • Nutritional/Activity log is due Friday of each week

  • To qualify for prizes you must keep the Nutritional/Activity log and submit each week on Sunday evening. No exceptions/excuses.

  • We recommend you keep a food log. This can be a photo food log stored on your phone, use an app to track your food or write it down in a notebook.

  • Select a buddy for the challenge. You and your buddy will provide support for each other throughout the challenge and this is worth points.

  • Coaches will take a before/after photo’s. These photo’s should be taken with reasonably little clothing to show changes Shorts for guys. Shorts and sports bra for ladies. You may choose to opt out of this but this will null and void any opportunity for prizes. All photo’s will remain private unless you give express permission to release the photo’s. They are for determining body composition changes.


November 4 – During Open Gym from 7am until 7:30pm and July 30 During Open Gym from 7am until 7:30pm and November 6, During Open Gym 7am until 12:30pm. Photo’s only take just a few minutes so we can get a lot of people done very quickly. Please email us to confirm which day we can expect you.

Performance Testing/Standards

Obviously integrity and honor will be a big part of this competition. All game rules of movements apply for the following performance tests. Not following the standards will null and void you from competing for prizes because that is cheating. I can’t say enough about the importance of integrity and honor within our CrossFit Mt Pleasant community.

Helen – 3 Rounds For Time

400m run

21 35/53# KB swings

12 Pull ups

1 RM Back squat

‘Gearing up for your 1 RM back squat’ from CrossFit Roots

1 RM Strict press

‘CrossFit Total’ rules for lifting.

CrossFit Total ranking chart

* For the purpose of the Clean Eating Challenge we will follow along the guidelines of the CrossFit total for the 1 RM back squat and the 1 RM strict press. The CrossFit Total ranking chart is included for your reference.

* To ensure everyone gets an opportunity to complete the performance benchmarks you may perform any of the ’3′ performance test in any order. They do not have to be completed at the same time/day but all must be completed by August 3rd.

* Sandbagging is cheating and I think we have gone over cheating, right?


Whole Foods Shopping Guide & Trader Joes Shopping Guide from Paleo plan

Basic Meal Construction,  Following the Paleo plan,  Sample menu from Paleo plan


What can I win? – prizes will be announced

There may be cash prizes. Discounts on memberships. Gift cards. We’re working on it.

COST – $20 per participant

Can I participate if I am not a member? Sure. We welcome everyone to join our community in an effort to clean up their diet. We encourage you to download the Nutrition/Activity log and follow along as well as comment and engage with us during the challenge through our Face Book page. You can keep track of your work outs in the activity log. Have a family member take before pictures and if you are not familiar with our performance tests, create your own benchmarks. Remember, this is not about eating less and getting skinny. It is about cleaning up your diet as well as exercise.

What do I wear for photos? Women wear a sports bra and fitted shorts, men wear shorts and no shirt. Experience tells us that many people will wear too much clothing, which is understandable but makes judging photos difficult at the end. If you want to win follow our suggestions. Photo’s will not be posted without the express consent of the individual.

What if I’m already lean? People who are close to their ideal body composition can still have dramatic results with a month of clean eating, more important than the appearance benefits are the performance and health benefits.

Why do I have to keep a food journal? If you’re not getting the results you think you should be getting a coach can review your food log in addition keeping track of what, why and when you eat can give you new insights to unhealthy eating patterns and behaviors and create opportunity to alter/change those patterns.



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